A Global Debt Crisis of $217 Trillion Dollars:: The Solution Is Within YOUR Reach Now!

The solution lies in the adoption of a “civilized world” financial system

Africa Now Has a Choice: Rise Like a Phoenix or The Status Quo

For the very first time in over 600 years, Africa now truly has a choice.

The Holy Grail for Cloud Service Providers: Offer the Other Side of The New Virtual … Coin

The other side of the coin solves the business transformation credibility factor.

Let US Manifest!

You have a choice and you also have the power to manifest.

Stand Up and Walk Away from the Monkey See, Monkey Do Crowd

Obtain the latest insights into Virtual Campus Dormitory Consortium

The Triumph of Failure :: And the Defeat of Success

An opportunity to leave behind a strong and lasting legacy for current and future generations.Organization World

A very useful guide for all investors who are interested in making smart and safe investments in The New Virtual Organization World.

Exclusive Guide for Virtual Campus Dormitory Consortium Members

A very useful guide for making the most out of your consortium membership.  Enjoy!

Launch of The New Virtual Organization World Collection

We are very pleased to announce the launch of  The New Virtual Organization World Collection.   The world’s only repository of information about this world of virtual organizations we call ::The New Virtual Organization World::   Enjoy!

Launch of Virtual Campus Dormitory

We are very pleased to announce the launch of Virtual Campus Dormitory Consortium,  effective January 1, 2016.   This long-awaited and widely applauded move comes almost three (3) years after the publication of  A Paradigm Shift: From Public School to Virtual Campus Dormitory.”    We look forward to having your organization join the conversation about “reengineering public education around the world.”