Historic Endeavor Participation.    Reengineering  public education  around the world for millennia and beyond.  See Principled Digital Marketing Strategy for “Otherworldly” Futurists, Pioneers and Innovators

Significant Collaboration.    Extensive interaction with the titans  and futurists of industry, academia, government and others from around the globe.

Deep Insight into Virtual Organizations.    Opportunity to gain a deep insight into the world of virtual organizations we call “The New Virtual Organization World.”

Leverage of Current Investments.    Opportunity to leverage huge amount of investments already made in existing technologies, as well as current and future R&D efforts,  which can be readily applied toward the development of these virtual campus dormitories around the globe.  Review this Exclusive Guide for Virtual Campus Dormitory Consortium Members for details.

Strategic Leadership.   Demonstrate the ability to communicate the vision of the Consortium and provide strategic direction for its growth and success through the introduction and review of proposals and policies as well as participation in various Working Groups and Special Interest Groups.   Let US Manifest!

Join Virtual Campus Dormitory Consortium

Application Process:

  • Submit Membership Application
  • A Video Conference between the proposed Distinguished Member (consortium representative) and the Founder of the Consortium will be scheduled in order to share and assess insights on your membership bid.
  • If approved, you will receive a VCD Consortium Member Agreement along with instructions on how to proceed.
  • Membership will become effective upon both – the execution of the membership agreement and the receipt of membership dues.

Membership Fees

Annual Membership Dues:  

  • USD $500,000
  • Effective July 1, 2018  for *NEW MEMBERS ONLY ::  USD $1,000,000

 *  Current members will not be affected by this new rate upon membership renewal and any subsequent renewal periods.